Known as an expert on the topic of NETWORKING, Dianna Young, IOM, has been presenting to groups for over a decade on the benefits and how-tos of networking.  
Dianna's energy and enthusiasm help make her dynamic presentations memorable and noteworthy.  With practical guidelines and tips, she helps attendees walk away with information they can implement immediately to help improve their personal and professional growth
Art of Mix & Mingle attendees will learn to:

• Understand the benefits of networking

• Walk into a room of strangers and feel comfortable

• Overcome shyness

• Avoid common networking blunders

• Tactfully and skillfully use connections to further one's goals

• Follow up for effective relationship building

• Put an end to cold calls

• Improve professional and social standing

• Create opportunities 

Chamber of Commerce Events
Leadership Groups
Young Professional Groups
Colleges and Universities
Youth Groups
Professional Development
​Literary Events